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Instructions & Care

All of us at iSucker thank you for your business. To help you have the most positive experience possible with your new iSucker we ask that you read and familiarize yourself with the following:

To use your iSucker place the suction cup on a smooth flat surface on your iPad or Tablet. While applying pressure downward on the iSucker shell, push the lever downward until your hear a clicking noise. Test your iSucker to assure that you have a good seal between it and your tablet. Your iSucker should feel firm and securely affixed to your tablet while holding it in your hand. If it feels “loose” or if your not sure, repeat the process of securing your iSucker on your iPad. When placing it on the iPad make sure the iSucker is placed securely over the Apple logo to where the logo is completely covered. Need help, contact us through our website at  

iSucker varietiesWe like pointing the tip of the lever towards the top of our tablet. This aligns the iSucker on the tablet for use as a stand in portrait and landscape when you are not holding it in your hand.

Once you have a solid and secure iSucker on the back of your tablet you can ergonomically use your tablet with either hand and still have a hand free to use gestures, swipes, rotation, or any of the other features of your tablet device.

Many of our test users, friends, family, and interested by-standers asked us to put a handle or finger holes on the iSucker. While this seems like a good idea we worried that someone may use their iSucker without assuring that they have a good connection to their tablet. As such, we chose to leave off any feature that would make you think you could turn your tablet upside down, facing the ground with the iSucker on top. We've spent thousands of dollars on research and are very confident in our suction technology, but, a team of the most advanced scientists and engineers tell us that eventually all suction stops being effective.

That means air eventually enters into any space if left alone long enough. So, DO NOT TURN YOUR iPAD OR TABLET UPSIDE DOWN USING YOUR iSucker! You could break your iPad or tablet and not have anything to use your iSucker on, except windows, walls, and maybe your refrigerator.

The iSucker Company, or their parent company Palladium Safety Solutions, Inc., will NOT be liable for damage done to iPad’s, Tablet, or any other device. Use your iSucker only as directed. If you have any questions, including how to properly use your iSucker, contact us through our website at

Always keep your iSucker’s suction interface clean. We’ve use the best possible materials to achieve the proper suction, but even the best materials see dramatic losses in suction when dirty.

We recommend that you re-apply your iSucker often to the back of your iPad or Tablet. This is done tocleaning the iSucker assure that you have a solid connection between your iSucker and your tablet device.

We are highly trained iSucker technicians. Please don’t attempt to disassemble your iSucker. If something needs repaired contact us through our website.

All good things do come to an end. Should that happen, say when your suction device on your iSucker begins to fail, a new suction cup, and maybe a new spring should be ordered. Replacement parts can be ordered at the most common method used to kill an iSucker is leaving in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Don’t do that!

The iSucker Company is not responsible for damage to dropped, mishandled, scratched, dented, or broken iPad’s or tablet devices. Use your iSucker only as directed.

Only use iSucker on flat smooth surfaces. Some tablet are not smooth, are not flat, and will not work with the iSucker. Don’t use the iSucker on the devices mentioned above, period, it’s not for them!

The color of your iSucker was meticulously manufactured to very specific color standards; however, color’s can and do vary. The Super Cute Pink iSucker you buy today may not look exactly like the Super Cute Pink iSucker you buy tomorrow. We try, and often times there is little if any difference, but sometimes color’s change. 

cooking with the iSucker - iPad stand - tablet standWe reserve the right to discontinue a color at any time. Sometimes we think a color is great, and the majority of you don’t. As such, we may add, subtract, or replace color’s as the market deems necessary. We are always interested in what colors you may want and would love to hear from you. Contact us at our site

There is nothing edible about the iSucker. We are using the term sucker like something that sucks! The iSucker is not candy, not edible, and should never ever be licked, bit, chewed, or really come anywhere near your mouth. That reminds us, this product should not be used by children who still put things in their mouths, nose, ears, or a variety of other orifices. Buy them a real sucker, one of those safety suckers that wont allow them to choke or cause any damage. We are not promoting sugary foods either, you get the point right?

The most important rule is to enjoy your new ergonomic way of holding your iPad or Tablet device. It’s the easiest way to hold your iPad or Tablet since...Hands!!!  


Why iSucker?

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iSucker is an iPad, Tablet accessory to make the user experience even better then it already is. Did we mention reading in bed?


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