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About iSucker        Patent No. D709,072

iSucker is a better way to hold your iPad or tablet computer. It sits ergonomically in the palm of your hand,  rather then grasping the device between your fingers. When your tablet is comfortable in your hand you can use it longer, that's why we invented it. It also works as an awesome table stand or on a tray table on the airplane.

The ergonomic device that secures to the back of your iPad or tablet and cradles in your hand. The iSucker also works as a stand either in portrait or landscape. The iSucker is perfect for the professional, teacher, preacher or student or your everyday iPad and tablet reader. It uses NO adhesive. It's a proven suction device that secures to the back of iPad or tablet or any flat smooth surface.

Once you’ve used an iSucker on a iPad or tablet you’ll never want to be without it! The iSucker uses a proven suction technology that secures to the back of your tablet making it easier to hold in your hands, rotate and share information on your screen with others, or set it on a desk, tray table or any other flat surface and use the iSucker as a stand. The iSucker comes in a wide variety of colors allowing you to pick the perfect one for your teenager, pastor, teacher, executive, avid reader or your techie in general. 

  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to share information
  • Variety of colors
  • It's also a stand
  • holding the iSucker


Sammy - the iSuckerSammy was born out of a very forgettable night between a popular piece of fruit and a robotic icon that rarely see eye-to-eye! Having suffered through a tough childhood where accessories were made for specific applications; Sammy decided that the people of earth should never have to settle and now represents UNIVERSAL accessories throughout the universe. Ok, so for now he represents iSucker, but in the future Sammy envisions a world of Universal applications made in his image!

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New Colors & Options

pink ribbon/breast cancer iSucker Pink Ribbon/Breast Cancer Awareness

camouflage iSucker Camouflage

Baseball iSucker Baseball



Why iSucker?

Convenient to use
Customizable to you
Variety of colors

About Us

iSucker is an iPad, Tablet accessory to make the user experience even better then it already is. Did we mention reading in bed?


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